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Gucci 24 Hour Ace

Music for Gucci 24 Hour Ace. Gucci's new digital project puts the decorated low-top in the hands of video artists from all over the world. The result: a series of colorful and dynamic films that bring the sneaker to life.

This project started with a call from my dear friend and colleage Frank Nitty. Since moving to Tokyo and now Hong Kong, he quickly made a carrier for himself as a video art-director / director and animator. He needed a piece of music and sound design for his animated video for the Gucci 24 hour Ace campaign.

Gucci is top of the top, and we decided the brand could carry home a piece of work that is difficult to swallow at first, but guides you in after a little. Most of the music is just me mumbling and playing kazoo & balafon in the studio and spicing it up with soundbites to make it resonate with Gucci's latest collage-aesthetics that we all love.

After the campaign was released on Instagram, Gucci contacted us if they could use the music for their 24 hour Ace introduction video on their mobile and desktop websites.

2016.07.24 Joris Tillmans

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