OddOne ‘IT & I ’

When Ø D D Ø N E asked us to make an audible interpretation of his new work, we were very excited. The ‘Micro World’ animations are a perfect match for the new directions E J J I is taking for 2019.

We’ve created a song and then deconstructed it to fit the timing of the visuals. We wanted to keep the sound small to accompany the detailed visuals. By using a variety of techniques like FM synthesis, vocal sampling and using pitched-up analogue instruments, as well as rhythmically placed sound design elements, we created a surreal and futuristic musical landscape that unfolds into moments of controlled euphoria as the visuals expand near the ending.

Video Proces:

This is an algorithmic visual poem about a creative process. The poem was created by feeding an algorithm with textual content and then rearranging it. The visualisation and animation was a bottom up way of working. This was an intuitive process and the ambition was to tell that story.

IT & I

“Woven in binary cloth from indexed samples. A mirage of an aesthetic. React. Delete. Create. In there it revelled. Strength in cryptic thoughts with pixels in view. A copy of an experience. Act. React. Delete. In there it managed. Lost in pseudo matter where time and space fuse. A session of a jam. React. Delete. Create. In there it generated. Where odd is even and even is odd.”

We’ve used FM synthesis, vocal sampling and pitched-up analogue instruments —


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