I'm Joris Tillmans. I'm a producer / musician living in The Netherlands collaborating with film makers and visual artists from around the world to create cutting edge music and sound design for inspiring projects and ambitious companies.

Joris Tillmans

My music can be discribed as vibrant, energetic and crosses the bondaries between contemporary club music, hypnotic percussion and classical filmscoring. Sometimes I release music under the alias Jay Hats.

As a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts, I try to put my visual schooling into some good use in making music for picture. Back then, music was my main inspiration when doing art, and now as a musician it's the moving visuals that inspire me to do my best work.

I am co founder of EJJI, a music production company specialised in audio for branded content. Visit our website to see a selection of our work and clientele.

I like to throw this quote out by JvdF NYC, just for summing up my motivation up in a really cool way: "...I remain to be true to the modern creative spirit that is set to making a mark, living large and doing it in style.."